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A little on the history of Pastel de Belém

In 1837, Belém (district of Lisbon), the monks of the Monastery of Jeronimos try to survive the order. then start selling cream puffs in order to make money, in a small pastry shop adjoining the monastery.

At that time, Lisbon and Belém were two separate cities connected by steamships. The presence of the Monastery and the Belém Tower attract many tourists who were amazed by the beauty and good taste that they had: the Pasteis de Belém.

Its recipe was soon well guarded. Confectioners chiefs are the only ones who know the secret, and should pay silent oath to protect this famous gastronomic recipe. Even today, these confectioners chiefs always produce handcrafted these delicious pastries.

However, nowadays any coffee or pastry in Portugal offers cream puffs, but the origin comes from Belém, so that founder house kept the name "Pastel de Belém".